Professor Mohamed Bakari

Professor Mohamed Bakari became Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Postcolonial Studies and Linguistics at RAF International University in 2018.

Prior to being the Vice-Chancellor at RIU, Professor Bakari taught at all levels in Universities in East Africa and around the world on subjects such as Comparative Literature, African, African-American, Caribbean and Anglo-Indian literatures, World Mythology, Background to the English Novel, Africa in Global Political Economy and Introduction to Contemporary Africa, and in his specialist area, theoretical linguistics and structures of African languages, among others.

While teaching at Fatih University, now incorporated as part of Istanbul University, he led several major academic developments and was the Chair of Department of English Language and Literature 2005-2007 and also the Chair of Department of American Culture and Literature 2008-2015.

Professor Bakari was educated at the University of Nairobi, where he earned his  B.A. (Honours) in 1973, and a Masters in 1978 and a Ph.D. in 1983. He also holds a B.Phil in English from the  University of York, England. In particular, his research interests have been in theoretical linguistics, lexicography, dialectology, Swahili historical linguistics and Islam in Kenya and Turkish politics.

On the basis of his research, Professor Bakari has worked on several national committees in Kenya and internationally, he has also held numerous Fellowships across the globe, including a Fulbright Fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles and as a Fellow, Centre of Islamic Studies, at the University of Oxford.

Renowned for his extensive expertise, Professor Bakari has published widely in his academic field and authored numerous articles in established journals and a wide range of published books, and book chapters.

Under his leadership, Professor Mohamed Bakari is creating initiatives to enhance the undergraduate experience, deepen graduate and professional education and research in critical fields at RIU.

He is currently working tirelessly to advance the university’s commitment to quality and excellence in teaching and research.