About us

RIU is a result of the vision and efforts of Sheikh Mohamed Osman, who presently serves as the Chancellor of the University.

We are a young and vibrant university with undiminished ambitions, with a strong sense of who we are, and where we are going.

Within our trans-formative learning community, we build a welcoming, safe and diverse environment where the creative ideas and achievements of all can benefit others throughout Kenya, and East Africa.

Message From The Vice-Chancellor

RAF International University welcomes you to an innovative and forward-looking institution whose mission is creating a learning environment that combines the best of tradition and what current developments in science, technology and the humanities and social sciences have to offer. The University wants not only make use of new knowledge but also be part of the creation of that knowledge. In order for it to play its part, it has created the necessary infrastructure to make it possible for that to happen.

Part of this is, of course, the physical facilities, but the primary driving force will be the presence on campus and class of the best-qualified staff who have the necessary credentials to teach effectively and they themselves, on the strength of their training, will be part of the global team of researchers who add value to the search for a better life for all. We are driven by compassion, mercy, integrity and humanitarian values that stand for inclusion, without regard to sectarian, ethnic or ideological differences.

Our Vision and Mission

The Vision and mission of RAF International University is the creation of a world-class institution comparable to the most prestigious and serious institutions in the world, where the highest ethical and professional values are embodied in our graduates. We are aware that this long road takes time and immense resources and superhuman will to achieve. We are determined to move the university to the highest levels of academic achievement through realistic investment in infrastructure and personnel. We already have the basic physical facilities for a university that is just starting out that is the envy of universities of our size. We are not only investing in the infrastructure for appearances but most important, for substance and content. In order to achieve these twin objectives, we are creating innovative programmes that will make us stand out, and not merely repeat what other institutions in Kenya are doing.

In this regard, our courses are well thought out before they are rolled out, with a view to providing the best kind of education for our graduates. Our students will be taught and directed by the best qualified academic and administrative staff. The academic staff will themselves be involved in original research that they will be able to conduct because there will be enough resources for them to publish that original research in international journals and present it in international academic conferences among their peers in various disciplines.

Original research is the background to mounting graduate programmes in our university. The professors will be seasoned researchers who can direct their students’ dissertations and theses that fill-in gaps in disparate areas of academic endeavor. This research will be done with concern for integrity, originality and real contribution knowledge. The students will learn by example and will themselves internalize these highest values for themselves and for the Kenyan and global society to which they are an integral part.

As the faculties grow and expand in the areas of natural and medical sciences, humanities and social sciences, technology, and the beaux-arts, learning will mostly be interdisciplinary and holistic. While we aspire to excellence, we are deeply conscious of the fact that one cannot create a center of excellence, but only evolve into one, after, after due exertion.