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Courses at RAF International University


The world’s economy is increasingly global. As a result, demand continues to grow for individuals who understand business and management. This degree equips students with the relevant knowledge and skills to understand and respond effectively to changing demand patterns in the market.


Diploma in Business Management is a specialist academic preparation course designed for students who want to study a related undergraduate degree. It is a full-time course aimed to develop your essential knowledge in your chosen degree subject area and introduce you to the higher education system.


A degree in Education will help you to understand the key issues, policies, and debates that are in education today.                                                             You will gain insight into how education systems develop and how children and adults learn. The course is a strong foundation for a variety of careers.

2019 Intake

Undergraduate Programmes

  • K.C.S.E mean grade C+ of 46 points and above or its equivalent.
  • A level with at least two principal passes and one subsidiary;
  • G.P.A of 2.5 and above from Pre-University

Diploma Programmes

  • The minimum grade for admission into this year’s Diploma Programme at RIU University is KCSE grade C plain or C – of 32 Points or its equivalents.

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We provide a supportive environment for you so that your life at university is as smooth as possible. We understand that for a lot of people, coming to university is a massive step and we are here to help, whatever you may need.


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